sees everything hears everything a wise one a black one,surely this globe is bigger than suspected considering its perceptibleborders, atmosphere and stratosphere, a black haze stood abovethe edge, a nimble ant folk lets off its vapours, now is thetime my beloved one takes off into the sky, now is the momentI┬╣m sitting on the bank of the river Rhine waving back to men ontourist boats, now is the hour for singing in the twilight. Twoblack thinking charcoals sit more deeply than the observer supposes,and convey without end: I see I see I see and transmit picturesfrom without. That one who sits tightly stuffed in the middleis quite well aware that its cosmos is radiating beyond itself.Now the left funnel sucks in the traffic noise and in a condensed formsends it out again: this humanswarmingcrawlingsound, how do I feelmyself so unique among so many equals: because I dolisten, I listen to them, I listen to myself: I know chaosand logic, yes indeed I'm able to count, take precaution andgrow while taking care of the spoilt - until the husk bursts:a spore of bliss in space