this raising and lowering, rushing of blood a very commonfish, but blue, beak facing ahead, the magpie sweeps the branch,melting blending the link in between concious and unconcious,continously answering under a false name, she tried to change thecompany¹s name, to vary the syntax in order not to perish from themonotony of that name, not lose her voice, language refused moreand more to obey her, after three years she had to leave thisjob, the sounds refused to cross her lips, she couldn¹t lie anymore, the threads she had spun were too disgusting for going onweaving, she withdrew and wanted to go far off, the arms stayedclose to the sides of her body, only the fingertips moved on theirown, groped from inside for the wall of the belly, all fingerstried, the middlefinger and the forefinger were most groping,sometimes both held fast the tiny fish, grasped it at its tail fin- but then, if the fingers just due to moodiness suddenlyloosened themselves, it sliddered even more swiftly away, then it sloweddown again, the blue became more radiant, its flapping of finsfound a rhythm, Magpie drew nearer, getting bigger and rathervoracious, Fish sometimes could see the imprints of her claws, andhoped she wouldn¹t pierce her through, if Magpie closed one of hereyes, through the hub of the world she could see the small bluefish, how beautiful he is, she called his name, WORM she called,come out, Fish put his eye close to the hole close to the light,the more light he sucked in, the more colour he lost to thewater and he paled and shriveled until he was just like a verycommon earthworm, there is no return, he became a real light addict,and finally starts to do something: drilling and pushing headahead, forgetting himself he fought, grew weapons, small bristleswhich helped him reel out of the hole, MAGGY he gasped, she rubbedher eyes there wasn¹t a blue prince but she likes only beautifulthings - at least it became colourful now as it lay floundering infront of her, mercifully she gave in, pecking at his neck -the caterpillar writhed with pain, butterflies flying out off its eyes.The hole between Magpie¹s toes began closing again, inside shesaw blue, THE SEA, she called out and saw it disappear